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Friday, February 27, 2009

Tita Duran

Tita Duran (1929-1991) was a Filipina film actress who began as a child actor. She was the first ever successful child star of Philippine cinema.

She is the mother of a well-Filipino rapper Francis Magalona and grandmother to Maxene Magalona who as a child shows a striking resemblance.

Charming, Sweet and Youthful, Duran joined a movie in her earliest career as an 8 yrs old child who abandoned by their mother in 1936 family-drama of Awit ng mga Ulila aka (The Songs of the Orphans.

She married her all-time partner Pancho Magalona, and one of those children is a Master Rapper from the Philippines Francis Magalona.

In 1938, Sampaguita Pictures spotted the child and cast her in a tear-jerker movie of Inang Mahal aka (Dear Mother). Her second movie in Sampaguita where her home is, Ang Magsasampaguita]aka (a Sampaguita Vendor).

Duran made 2 movies under LVN Pictures and it was Pangarap aka (Dream) and Sawing Gantimpala aka (Lost Price) both in 1940.

After World War II, she made a comeback in her studio Sampaguita Pictures,not a child actress but a beautiful lady. She joined in a War Pictures with Carmen Rosales in Guerilyera and typecasted in numerous Musical Movies paired by some of the Sampaguita's finest actor.

After her last movie in Sampaguita Isang Halik Mo Pancho, she made Maria Went to Town under Deegar Cinema Inc.


1936 - Awit ng mga Ulila 
1936 - Sa Paanan ng Krus 
1936 – Tunay na Ina 
1937 - Milagro ng Nazareno sa Quiapo 
1937 - Anak ng Kadiliman 
1938 - Inang Mahal 
1938 - Alipin ng Palad 
1938 - Mariang Alimango 
1938 - Ang Pusong Wasak 
1939 - Anak ng Hinagpis 
1939 - Tatlong Pagkabirhen 
1939 - Palaboy ng Diyos 
1939 - Ang Magsasampaguita 
1940 - Awit ng Magulang 
1940 - Pangarap 
1940 - Lihim ng Lumang Simbahan 
1940 - Sa Duyang ng Pagmamahal 
1940 - Sawing Gantimpala 
1940 - Bahaghari 
1941 - Panambitan 
1941 - Paraiso 
1946 - Guerilyera 
1946 - Maynila 
1947 - Lantang Asahar 
1947 - Ang Kapilya sa Daangbakal 
1947 - Dahil sa Ina 
1948 - Ang Anak ng Dagat 
1948 - Pamana ng Tulisan 
1948 - Bulaklak na Walang Pangalan 
1948 - Dahil sa Iyo 
1948 - Tatlong Puso 
1948 - Maharlika 
1949 - Always kay ganda mo 
1949 - Ulilang Kalapati] 
1949 - Tala sa Umaga 
1949 - Milagro ng Birhen ng mga Rosas 
1949 - Sa Piling Mo 
1950 - Huwag ka ng Magtampo! 
1950 - Umaga na Giliw 
1950 - Kay Ganda mo Neneng 
1951 - Kasintahan sa Pangarap 
1952 - Barbaro 
1952 - Buhay Pilipino 
1952 - Cumbanchera 
1953 - Ang Ating Pag-ibig 
1953 - Sa Isang Sulyap mo Tita 
1953 - Vod-A-Vil 
1954 - Sa Isang Halik mo Pancho 
1955 - Maria Went to Town 
1956 - Mr. & Mrs. 
1957 - Bicol Express 
1957 - Yaya Maria 
1958 - Tatak ni Solomon

Friday, February 13, 2009

Cesar Montano

Cesar Manhilot, known by his popular screen name Cesar Montano, is a multi-awarded Filipino actor and film director.

He started in show business as a stuntman for a lot of known Filipino actors. He played roles in numerous B movies. He then played major roles in several action movies and a brief but successful television career playing the lead role in the television sitcom Kaya ni Mister, Kaya ni Misis with veteran actress Maricel Soriano.

His breakout role is his portrayal of José Rizal, the Philippine National Hero in the film José Rizal. The film is unprecedented as it portrays Philippine society during Spanish colonization of the Philippines and its relevance up to the present day.

He has won numerous acting awards, especially in his internationally acclaimed movies, such as Hollywood's The Great Raid, Panaghoy sa Suba (The Call of the River), José Rizal, Muro Ami (Reef Hunters) and Bagong Buwan (New Moon).

Aside from acting, Montano also embarked on a singing career, with the release of his music album Subok lang or Just try in 2000. He has also ventured into film production as well as directing, with Panaghoy sa Suba as his directorial film debut.

After his first Hollywood movie The Great Raid with Benjamin Bratt, he was cast in another Hollywood movie Another Deep Breath'.

In May 2007, he ran for senate under the coallition TEAM UNITY (TU). Unfortunately, he lost by landslide (ranking only 22nd). GMA news reported that he lost about P40 million worth of endorsement for running in public office.

Biography and Career:

Montano, fondly called by his nickname Buboy, was born and raised in Sta. Ana, Manila, Philippines, but traces his roots to the Manhilots of Baclayon, in the island province of Bohol in Central Visayas, Philippines.

He is the fifth of seven children born to a lawyer and his Seventh-day Adventist wife. Montano says discipline was the hallmark of his childhood: he describes his father as a strict disciplinarian, and his mother imposing the religious prohibitions of "no pork" and "no movies".

Montano went to the Sta. Ana Elementary School, and finished Engineering at the Lyceum. An average student, he was good at drawing and would have become a painter, if not a singer, if he hadn't become an actor.

Montano was first married to Marilyn Polinga, a fellow Boholano he met at a local Seventh-day Adventist Church. Their two children, Angela and Angelo, grew up with her when they separated as a couple. When she died of a brain tumor in 1993, the children moved back with him. His other son, Caloy Diego, lives with his mother, Filipino actress Teresa Loyzaga, in Australia.

He is currently married to Philippine actress Sunshine Cruz with whom he has two daughters, Angeline Isabelle and Samantha Angeline.

Early Work:

The acting bug bit Montano when he was in his senior year in college in 1984, and soon enough, he was taking acting workshops with the likes of Joel Lamangan and Imee Marcos, and landed the role of elevator boy in "Estremenggoles." TV and movie roles quickly followed: "Agos" with Gretchen Barretto, the Pinoy Thriller, "Regal Shocker", and the "Maricel Soriano Drama Special". He did a lot of B movies which he prefers to call "trash" movies rather than bold.

Montano's passion for acting was first seen in Dulaang UP's stage productions. He was an active member of University of the Philippines or UP Playwright under the direction of Tony Mabesa.

His first movie careers were as a stuntman for a lot of known Filipino actors. In his early career, he played major roles in several action movies while also having a successful TV career as he played the lead role of Buboy Magtanggol opposite Maricel Soriano in the TV sitcom Bida si Mister, Bida si Misis.

Critical and Popular Success:

One of his greatest performances is the role of José Rizal, the Philippine National Hero, in the film José Rizal in 1998. The film, directed by critically acclaimed director Marilou Diaz-Abaya, is unprecedented for depicting Philippine society during Spanish colonization of the Philippines and its relevance up to the present day.

In 1999, he played the role of Fredo, the ruthless captain of 150 muro ami divers in Muro Ami, a film that depicts one of the worst forms of child labor in the illegal fishing industry. The film won thirteen awards at the 1999 Metro Manila Film Festival.


Then, Cesar Montano produced, directed and starred in the 2004 film Panaghoy sa Suba or The Call of the River. It features Filipino actors Juliana Palermo, Jackie Woo, Phil Anthony, Caridad Sanchez, Joel Torre, Daria Ramirez, Ronnie Lazaro, Suzette Ranillo, Rommel Montano, Dr. Warfe Engracia, Ramon Villanueva, Chelo Espina, Flora Gasser, Disi Alba and Rebecca Lusterio.

It is an epic story set during the American Occupation (1942) and the Japanese Occupation (1945), shot amidst the virgin splendor of the island province of Bohol, Philippines mostly along and around the Loboc River which plays a significant role in the story. It is a mixture of action, drama, romance, and history.

The film is Cesar Montano's directorial debut with an almost entirely Visayan cast, and perhaps the biggest film ever to be shot in its entirety in the Visayas. The film, intended for both national and international exhibition, boldly used Visayan as the main language.

It was given an "A" rating by the Cinema Evaluation Board or CEB of the Film Development Council of the Philippines and was CM Films' entry to the 2004 Metro Manila Film Festival. The CEB described Cesar Montano's direction as "meticulous but light-handed." It turned "a somewhat rambling and slow screenplay into a poetic, sometimes even magical, current of silent struggle and survival."

The Call of the River won multiple awards. It has bagged Second Best Picture (to Mano Po 3), Best Director, Best Supporting Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Musical Score, Gatpuno Villegas Cultural Award at the Metro Manila Film Festival, 2004; and Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress at Gawad Suri Awards, Manila, 2005.

Panaghoy sa Suba, which garnered 16 awards and 11 nominations including 5 from the Metro Manila Film Festival, was also given an endorsement by the UNESCO. It was named Best Picture at the International Festival of Independent Films held in Brussels, Belgium. Montano was also chosen Best Director. In addition, Montano also won Best Actor in Panaghoy sa Suba in the Golden Screen Awards.

Panaghoy sa Suba was invited as an exhibition in the Tous les Cinemas du Monde (Movies of the World) at the Cannes Film Festival in 2005. It has also been invited for exhibition in other international film festivals in Berlin, Toronto, Tokyo, Korea and in the Czech Republic’s Karlo Vary Film Festival.


In 2005, American film director and screenwriter John Dahl cast Montano in The Great Raid after taking notice of Montano's performance in the movie Muro Ami. He played Juan Pajota in the Miramax Film set in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines in 1945 towards the end of WWII. The director was impressed with the bald look Cesar sported in "Muro Ami". In addition, his intense performance in Marilou Diaz-Abaya's film was a determining factor for his being chosen to play Captain Pajota. Only a few Filipino actors have penetrated the international film scene and enjoyed equal exposure with foreign stars.

Montano was cast in another U.S. film, Another Deep Breath, scheduled to start shooting in the San Francisco Bay Area in March 2005. It will be the first film starring a Hollywood actress and a Filipino actor to be released by a major American distributor. David Maquiling, a Filipino-American filmmaker, is directing "Another Deep Breath". It also features a Filipino-Canadian actress, Jane McLean, who will play the wife of Montano's character. The story is described as "an intense love affair that crosses racial lines and threatens the marriage of Peter Materdo (Montano), a thirty-something Filipino American college professor, and endangers the career of Alison Turner (to be played by the Hollywood actress), a new teacher at the college and a former student of Peter's.


On January 1, 2000, Montano released his first music solo album entitled Subok Lang (Just Try) under Star Records. While being famous as a Philippine action movie star, he is also known for singing acoustic ballads. Nine of the album's ten songs is accompanied only by an acoustic guitar, giving a quiet, mellow ambiance. He sings a duet on the second version Kailan Ko Lang Sinabi (When I Just Told You) with his wife, Sunshine Cruz, who is also a famous Filipino actress and recording artist. The spirited Ikaw Lang (Only You) is the only song to use other instruments besides the acoustic guitar, and drums and bass are also heard. Subok lang went on to become Platinum record.

UNESCO Commissioner:

On May 19, 2005, Cesar Montano was sworn in as United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization or UNESCO Philippine commissioner for culture and the arts. This came as a surprise to most Filipinos because he is better known for his award-winning roles in critically acclaimed movies Rizal, Muro Ami than his principles and beliefs. Little is known of his tireless and thankless efforts to "promote" his home province, Bohol, where he and his family always spend Christmas. Whenever he can, Montano makes sure to put in a good word about this little paradise in central Philippines that there's hardly a Filipino who doesn't know yet of his Boholano heritage. His vocal support for Bohol and the preservation of its heritage and environment, he says, may have earned him the nomination to the UNESCO.  But he did not seek the honor. Montano believes there is something to be proud of in every part of the country-the lovely landscape or delicacies or exotic catch from the sea. According the him:

“ Kahit hindi nila ako gawing ambassador, promoting Bohol is my heart's desire. With my appointment, makakatulong ako to get sponsors for our projects from the products that I endorse. ”

Born and raised in Manila, Montano says he learned the importance of heritage preservation early on. He saw how people slowly forgot over the years the value of safeguarding tradition, culture, arts and heritage-the backbone Filipinos need to be able to stand proudly. To foster national pride, Montano believes parents must instill this value in their children. Character is first molded at home.

Political Career:

On Friday, February 16, 2007, Philippine Daily Inquirer in its Breaking News Section, bore the article title "Petilla out of TEAM Unity, actor Cesar Montano in". It wrote how Tourism Secretary Ace Durano, spokesman for the administration's TEAM Unity, confirmed that Leyte Governor Jericho Petilla is pulling out of the administration's TEAM Unity senatorial lineup and will be replaced by actor Cesar Montano.

The article further explained that in a text message to, Durano said Montano was chosen by Lakas-Christian Muslim Democrats (Lakas-CMD) and by TEAM Unity itself.  Presidential Political Adviser Gabriel Claudio said Montano was endorsed by Petilla himself because the actor was also a Visayan. Claudio said in a text message: “ Visayan for Visayan, youth for youth, substance for substance ” 

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bea Alonzo

Bea Alonzo is a Filipina actress. She was born on October 17, 1987. Her father is British while her mother is Filipino. She is a member of ABS-CBN's circle of homegrown talents collectively known as "Star Magic".


Early Life - Bea Alonzo had always dreamed of being in show business. Growing up without a father since the age of four, Bea has nonetheless managed to strike it out on her own.

She joined beauty contests at a very young age and she was moderately successful in this endeavor. It was in a small town beauty contest that she was discovered by famed Filipino fashion designer Oscar Peralta who then brought her to the attention of talent manager Archie Ilagan. The latter presented Bea to the head of the ABS-CBN Talent Center Johnny Manahan who inducted her into the Star Circle Batch 10. There she would be given a wide-range of acting lessons which later helped her land a part in the teen-oriented drama / comedy K2BU.

Career - In 2003, at the age of 15, Bea would be cast as 20 year old lawyer Katrina Argos in the TV drama Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay. The role would garner her first "Best Actress" nomination at the 2003 PMPC Star Awards. She was the youngest ever to be nominated in that category.

Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay paved the way for the John Lloyd and Bea loveteam. After three successful teleseryes It Might Be You, Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin and currently Maging Sino Ka Man and hit movies such as My First Romance (where Bea Alonzo was named "Best New Movie Actress" at the 2004 PMPC Star Awards), Now That I Have You, Close To You, All About Love and the recent One More Chance, they are now known as one of the country's premiere loveteam.

Other Media:

In 2005, Bea celebrated her 18th birthday. and she commemorated the occasion with Bea's Wildest Dreams at 18: Birthday TV Special. The show featured Bea and her best friend Shaina Magdayao going on an adventure in Singapore. And amid birthday greetings from fellow ABS-CBN talents, the TV special showcased Bea's singing and dancing prowess as well.


  • 2007 USTV Students Choice Awards, Best Actress for Maging Sino Ka Man
  • 2006 Yes Magazine Awards, Most Popular Loveteam with John Lloyd Cruz
  • 2006 Yes Magazine Awards, Young Female Superstar
  • 2006 ANAK TV Seal Award, One of the Top 10 Most Well Liked Female Personality
  • 2005 Miss FAMAS Screen Idol, FAMAS
  • 2004 Princess of RP Movies for “Now That I Have You", Guillermo Mendoza
  • 2004 Best New Movie Actress for “My First Romance", Star Awards for Movies
  • 2003 Most Popular Love Team of RP Movies with John Lloyd, Guillermo Mendoza

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Paeng Nepomuceno

Rafael "Paeng" Nepomuceno (born January 30, 1957 in Manila) is a Filipino bowler. He has won the World Cup of Bowling (1976, 1980, 1992 and 1996), the World's Invitational Tournament (1984) and the World Tenpin Masters championship (1999).

He is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for three records:

1) for most Bowling World cup wins
2) for being the youngest ever to win the Bowling World Cup ( 19 years old)
3) for having won the most number of bowling tournament titles. 

In total, Paeng has 118 career bowling titles. Paeng who still actively competes up to this day is the only bowling athlete to have won or awarded titles in the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.
He is the only bowling athlete in the world who has received the prestigious International Olympic Committee President's Trophy and was the first international male bowling athlete to be enshrined in the International Bowling Hall of Fame and Museum based in St. Louis, Missouri in 1993. In November 1999, the Federation Internationale des Quilleurs (FIQ) named Paeng as the "International Bowling Athlete of the Millennium."

In a ceremony held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates during the World Championships, an FIQ official cited Paeng with these words: "No international bowling athlete is more deserving of recognition than Paeng. In addition to his long list of well-known achievements as a world champion in three decades, Paeng truly has been and continues to be an extraordinary ambassador for Filipino sport."

Paeng is the only athlete in the Philippines who has been given the highest award to a Filipino by three Philippine presidents. In 1984, Paeng was awarded the Presidential Medal of Merit by President Ferdinand E. Marcos. In 1999, President Joseph E. Estrada awarded the Philippine Legion of Honor and in 2008, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo awarded Paeng the Order of Lakandula with Class of Champion for Life and was declared Best Filipino athlete of all time.

Both the Philippine Senate and House of Congress have declared Paeng the "Greatest Philippine Athlete of All Time".

In its September 2003 issue, the Prestigious Bowlers Journal International named Paeng as the Greatest International Bowler of All Time.

Paeng was named Athlete of the Century by the Philippine Sportswriters Association in the end of 1999 and Athlete of the Millennium in 2000. The Philippine Sportswriters Association has named him Philippine Athlete of the year a record 5 times. He was the first athlete to be inducted in the Philippine Sportswriters Association Hall of Fame in 1993.

Paeng bore the Flag of the Philippines in various World Games, Asian Games and the South East Asian Games.

Paeng was named World Bowler of the Year three times (1984,1985 and 1992) by the World Bowling Writers He was also a TOYM awardee for sports in 1978 and he is the youngest up to this date to have received this prestigious award given by the Philippine Jaycees.

At present Paeng has been designated by the USBC (United States Bowling Congress) as its International Bowling Ambassador for Bowling and promotes bowling around the world and he also Certifies Coaches for USBC.

Personal life

Nepomuceno is married to Pinky Puyat, the managing director of Puyat Sports. They have three children: Rafael Jose, Jr., Saira Margarita and Isabel Angela.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Ryan Cayabyab

Ryan Cayabyab (born Raymundo Cipriano Pujante Cayabyab also known as Mr. C) is a renowned Filipino musician and was the Executive and Artistic Director of the defunct San Miguel Foundation for the Performing Arts. He was also a resident judge for the only season of Philippine Idol in 2006.

His works range from commissioned full-length ballets, theater musicals, choral pieces, a Mass set to unaccompanied chorus, and orchestral pieces, to commercial recordings of popular music, film scores and television specials.

Cayayab's current project includes the Ryan Cayabyab Singers (RCS), a group of seven young adult singers comparable to his prior group Smokey Mountain in the early '90s. After FreemantleMedia decided not to renew the Philippine Idol franchise, Cayabyab transferred to rival show Pinoy Dream Academy (season 2), replacing Jim Paredes as the show's headmaster. PDA 2 started on June 14, 2008.


Ryan Cayabyab was born on May 4, 1954 in Manila, Philippines. His mother died when he was only 6, and his father struggled to support him and his three other siblings. His mother's dying wish was that none of her children would pursue music as a profession, knowing how hard life is for a musician with meager earnings (she was an opera singer).
Thus, Cayabyab initially took up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in the University of the Philippines, Diliman. But at the same time, he looked for a job in order to support his studies, and eventually landed with then-Senator Salvador Laurel as accompanist for the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) Chorale Ensemble. Noticing Cayabyab's exceptional talent on the piano, Laurel offered Cayabyab a scholarship which would allow Cayabyab to shift his course and pursue an education in music.
And so Cayabyab later graduated from the UP College of Music earning a Bachelor of Music, Major in Composition degree. After that, he became a full time professor for the Department of Composition and Music Theory in the UP Diliman for almost two decades.

At the turn of the century, Cayabyab was about to bring his family and migrate abroad, but when offered by Danding Cojuangco (President of the San Miguel Corporation) a command post that would give him full access in producing and performing new music that would bring forth a fresh wave to the Philippine music scene, Cayabyab accepted the offer. Today he is currently in his 7th year as Executive and Artistic Director of the San Miguel Foundation for the Performing Arts


As music director, conductor and accompanist, he has performed with leading Philippine music personalities at Avery Fisher Hall in the Lincoln Center in New York City; Carnegie Hall (both the Main and Recital halls) in New York; the Kennedy Center and the Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C.; the Shrine in Los Angeles; the Orpheum in Vancouver; even at the Circus Maximus of the Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip.

He has traveled as music director in most of the Southeast Asian cities, in the cities of Australia as well as in Germany, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Japan and the United States. He has worked in the same shows with Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra, as well as conducted the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra for special performances of American jazz singer Diane Schuur and pianist Jim Chappel.

He has performed as music director in command performances for King Hasan II in Rabat, Morocco, King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia of Spain in Manila, King Fahd of Saudi Arabia in Tangiers, Queen Beatrix at the Noordeinde Palace in The Netherlands, and U.S. President Bill Clinton in Boston, Massachusetts.

In Manila, he has conducted the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra at the Cultural Center of the Philippines for a concert of Philippine and American contemporary music; and the Manila Chamber Orchestra for a concert of his original works.

Ryan Cayabyab is a laureate of the Onassis International Cultural Competitions (2nd Prize), having won for original music composition for dance (2001).

He is a TOYM (Ten Outstanding Young Men) awardee for contemporary Filipino music in 1978. He won the Grand Prize award at the first Metro Manila Popular Music Festival for the song "Kay Ganda ng Ating Musika".

As of 2006, he has won three international Grand Prix awards for his compositions; in the First Seoul Song Festival, in the Voice of Asia Song Festival in the former U.S.S.R., and in the Tokyo Music Festival. He has won the Jingle of the Year award from the Philippine advertising industry as well as Bronze Awardee at the New York Film and Television Awards. He has won a total of ten best movie score awards from the various film award-giving bodies.


Ryan, Ryan, Musikahan, the television show, has won a total of fourteen awards as Best Television Musical Show and for Mr. Cayabyab, the Best Show Host in various television award-giving bodies. Likewise, as an artist, producer, arranger, and composer, he has won a total of eighteen awards from the recording industry for various commercial recordings. He has produced albums of the popular Filipino teen group Smokey Mountain, Broadway and West End's diva, Lea Salonga, and Spain's internationally-acclaimed singer Julio Iglesias.
In 2006, Cayabyab signed on as a resident judge for the first season of Philippine Idol, offering critiques for the contestants on the reality-talent show. He was said to be personally chosen by the top guns of Philippine Idol, while the other two judges, Pilita Corrales and Francis Magalona, had to undergo auditions. He also composed the them of TV Patrol and The World Tonight in 1992 and it was used until 1996.


Ryan Cayabyab has been a prolific movie composer and among the movies that contain his original works are:

  • Deathrow (2000)
  • Azucena (2000)
  • Kahapon, May Dalawang Bata (1999)
  • Tatlo...Magkasalo (1998)
  • Anak ng Bulkan (1997)
  • Ang Lalaki sa Buhay ni Selya (1997)
  • Ligaya ang Itawag Mo sa Akin (1997)
  • Vulcan (1997)
  • Abot Kamay ang Pangarap (1996)
  • Inagaw Mo ang Lahat sa Akin (1995)
  • Closer to Home (1995)
  • Saan Ka Man Naroroon (1994)
  • Kailangan Kita (1993)
  • Ikaw Pa Lang ang Minahal (1992)
  • Hihintayin Kita sa Langit (1991)
  • Toyland ng Dalawang (1989)
  • Misis Mo, Misis Ko (1988)
  • Karnal (1984)
  • Desire (1982)
  • Aguila (1979)
  • Masikip, Maluwang...Paraisong Parisukat (1977)
  • Magandang Gabi sa Inyong Lahat (1976)


Among his many works, his theater musicals Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo have won acclaim and have been performed extensively in the cities of Japan in 1994 and 1996, with a special NHK broadcast in November 1996, and in Kuala Lumpur in 1996. Another musicale, Magnificat, has logged in almost 200 performances.

His other popular musicals include Katy (words by Jose Javier Reyes), Alikabok, Ilustrado and the classic pop-ballet Rama Hari (words by 2006 National Artist for Literature Bienvenido Lumbera). His latest opera, Spoliarium (libretto by Fides Cuyugan-Asensio), premiered in February 2003 at the Tanghalan Nicanor Abelardo of the CCP, and is to be followed by another opera also with Asensio, Mariang Makiling at Ang Mga Nuno sa Punso, with music also by Ryan Cayabyab.


Ryan Cayabyab is 2004's Gawad CCP Awardee for Music. On February 2, 1999, he was selected as one of the 100 awardees of the CCP Centennial Honors for the Arts . He became the first recipient of the Antonio C. Barreiro Achievement Award on 4 May 1996 for significant and lasting contributions to the growth and development of Filipino music. Likewise, in 18 June 1996, Awit Awards, the recording industry awards, awarded him a Lifetime Achievement Award for "invaluable contribution and outstanding achievements in the promotion and development of Filipino music." The University of the Philippines Alumni Association has conferred upon him the Professional Award in music for the year 1998.

Ryan Cayabyab The Music Studio, a music school that specializes in developing outstanding performance artists is run by Emmy Cayabyab, Ryan's wife. Established in 1986, the music studio has trained a whole generation of young singer-performers who have become nationally known Filipino performing artists.

Ryan is married to Emmy Punsalan and has a daughter, Cristina Maria, and a son, Antonio Maria. They reside in Quezon City, Philippines.


Ryan Cayabyab was also the Executive and Artistic Director of the San Miguel Foundation for the Performing Arts. He was the conductor of the San Miguel Philharmonic Orchestra (SMPO) and the San Miguel Master Chorale (SMMC). Under his direction, the SMPO and the SMMC have recorded seven award-winning albums to date: Great Filipino Love Songs (2004), Great Original Pilipino Music by Ryan Cayabyab (2004), The Sacred Works of Ryan Cayabyab (2004), Pasko I and Pasko II (2005), Great Original Pilipino Music from the Movies (2006), and Dancing in the Rain (2006).

But in a swift and silent move, the big bosses of the San Miguel Corporation have already disbanded the SMMC and the SMPO. Late January 2007, instrumentalists of the SMPO and SMMC were summoned one by one by the big bosses who informed them of the non-renewal of their contracts. Insider reports say that the SMC was "more inclined" on supporting its four professional basketball teams.

Ryan Cayabyab has already graced an interview regarding this, saying that he considered the experience with San Miguel as a learning one, and not at all a setback. The following are excerpts from the said interview by Rito Asilo of The Inquirer.

The experience proved that it could work -- because it did in our case! I learned so much from it. I still wouldn’t consider the group world-class, but we were getting there!

Five years is too short a time to build a good reputation. But, I didn’t really see any malice in the management’s decision to pull the plug. It might have had something to do with the viability of the company -- there may have been a clamor from inside to cut the umbilical cord. And, I understand that they also have to answer to their stockholders. Perhaps this is something you need to ask them yourself.

We had a five-year program, but it kept getting stifled and derailed because of the constant talk that we were going to get cut off. But, I loved how the group worked as an organization! It was an exercise in discipline. Suddenly, temperamental and emotional artists who were used to the culture of ‘Pinoy racket’ and bara-bara had to learn how to tow the line!

If big companies can come to the realization that the concept works, everybody will benefit from the whole experience -- Filipino artists, especially.



A bestseller in major record bars and a Certified Gold Record, thereby breaking records of sorts when it was released in 2004. Under Sony-BMG Pilipinas.

GFLS was the first locally-produced album to feature full-blown orchestral arrangements of well-known Filipino classics. It was produced and recorded in a span of 3 years.

It emerged as No. 2 album in sales charts upon its release in 2004, and after a week became No. 1, surpassing the sales of contemporary mainstream artists like Usher, Josh Groban, Maroon Five, Beyoncé, and Evanescence.

According to sales reports, the album has been bought by bulk by many customers as presents and give-aways among families and corporations for all occasions.
The album earned phenomenal success despite minimal advertising.

Track List:

  • Bato sa Buhangin
  • Maalaala Mo Kaya
  • Ikaw
  • Minamahal Kita
  • Dahil Sa Iyo
  • Hindi Kita Malimot
  • Ang Tangi Kong Pag-ibig
  • Buhat
  • Gaano Ko Ikaw Kamahal
  • Ikaw ang Mahal Ko
  • Katakataka
  • Minamahal, Sinasamba
  • Saan Ka Man Naroroon
  • Lahat ng Araw


All songs in the album composed and arranged by Ryan Cayabyab. All songs recorded in 2001, except tracks 5, 8, and 9, which are SMMC a capella tracks and were recorded in 2004. This album received three nominations in the 18th Awit Awards aside from winning Best Musical Arrangement for Tuwing Umuulan at Kapiling Ka. Under Sony-BMG Pilipinas.

  • Tuwing Umuulan at Kapiling Ka (winner, 18th Awit Awards, Best Musical Arrangement)
  • Iduyan Mo
  • Kahit Ika'y Panaginip Lang
  • Paraisong Parisukat
  • Tunay na Ligaya
  • Nais Ko
  • Limandipang Tao
  • Tsismis
  • Da Coconut Nut
  • Iniibig Kita
  • Paraiso
  • Awit ng Pagsinta (Epithalamium) - from Ryan Cayabyab and Bienvenido Lumbera's pop-ballet Rama Hari; lyrics by Lumbera
  • Hibang sa Awit - lyrics by Jose Javier Reyes


Festive Filipino Christmas classics, all songs arranged & conducted by Ryan Cayabyab and performed by the SMPO and the SMMC. Certified Gold Record. Under Sony-BMG Pilipinas.

  • Kampana ng Simbahan
  • Heto na Naman - music and lyrics by Ryan Cayabyab
  • Namamasko
  • Tuloy na Tuloy pa rin ang Pasko
  • Sa Paskong Darating
  • Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon (Ang Pasko ay Sumapit)
  • Kumukutikutitap*
  • Mano Po Ninong, Mano Po Ninang
  • Noche Buena
  • Heto na Naman ang Pasko**
  • Maligayang Pasko**
  • Pasko na Naman

*from Ryan Cayabyab and Jose Javier Reyes's musical Bituin; lyrics by Reyes
**from Ryan Cayabyab and Jose Javier Reyes's musical teleplay Pasko sa Amin; lyrics by Reyes


Mellow Filipino Christmas classics, all songs arranged & conducted by Ryan Cayabyab and performed by the SMPO and the SMMC. Certified Gold Record. Isang Taong Lumipas won as Best Christmas Song during the 19th Awit Awards. Under Sony-BMG Pilipinas.

  • Ngayong Pasko*
  • Pasko Na Sinta Ko
  • Paskong Walang Hanggan*
  • Himig Pasko
  • Miss Kita Kung Christmas
  • Isang Taong Lumipas*
  • Ang Aking Pamasko
  • Ang Mahalin Ka**
  • Anong Gagawin Mo Ngayong Pasko - music and lyrics by Ryan Cayabyab
  • Ang Naaalala Ko**
  • Munting Sanggol - music and lyrics by Ryan Cayabyab
  • Payapang Daigdig

* music by Ryan Cayabyab, lyrics by Jose Javier Reyes
** from Ryan Cayabyab and Jose Javier Reyes's musical teleplay Pasko sa Amin; lyrics by Reyes


An neo-opera in three acts based on the life of renowned Filipino painter Juan Luna. Music by Ryan Cayabyab, libretto by Fides Cuyugan-Asensio.


A collection of Filipino classics from the '20s up to the '60s. All songs arranged & conducted by Ryan Cayabyab and performed by Basil Valdez accompanied by the SMPO. Sequel albums 2 and 3 are said to be produced if this first album performs well in the market. This album became No. 1 at Tower Records in one month's time since it was released. Certified Gold Record. Under Viva Records.

  • Diyos Lamang ang Nakakaalam
  • Babalik Ka Rin
  • Dahil Sa Isang Bulaklak
  • Bituing Marikit
  • Kung Nagsasayaw Kita
  • Madaling Araw
  • Sa Ugoy ng Duyan
  • Bakas ng Lumipas
  • Sapagka't Kami ay Tao Lamang
  • Lagi Kitang Naaalala
  • Bayan Ko
  • Mahiwaga


Religious compositions of Cayabyab. Misa was his thesis composition for his graduation at the University of the Philippines College of Music. Misa 2000 was composed for and won as Original Music Composition for Dance in the 2000 Onassis International Cultural Competition in Greece. This album won as Best Religious Album in the 2004 Catholic Mass Media Awards. Under Sony-BMG Records.

Disc 1:

  • Misa 2000
  • Kyrie
  • Gloria
  • Credo
  • Sanctus
  • Agnus Dei
  • Te Deum

Disc 2:

  • Misa
  • Kyrie
  • Gloria
  • Credo
  • Sanctus
  • Agnus Dei
  • Aquesta Me Guiaba
  • Aba Po, Santa Mariang Reyna
  • Anima Christi


Songs from the Philippine run of the musical Beauty and the Beast, arranged and conducted by Ryan Cayabyab, performed by the musical's main cast with the SMPO and the SMMC.

  • Home (KC Concepcion)
  • Beauty and the Beast (show version by Pinky Marquez)
  • A Change in Me (KC Concepcion)
  • If I Can't Love Her (Jett Pangan)
  • Beauty and the Beast (pop version by Luke Mijares)


Well-known and well-loved theme songs from Filipino movies. Recorded live on July 2006 and released December of that year. Mainly featuring the SMMC, accompanied by the SMPO. Choral arrangements by Ryan Cayabyab, Jesus Carlo Merino, Ed Nepomuceno and Nathanael Arnel de Pano (the latter 2 being section leaders of the SMMC Tenors and Basses, respectively), and Eudenice Palaruan (SMMC Principal Conductor). All orchestrations by Ryan Cayabyab. Under Sony-BMG Pilipinas.

  • Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas
  • Kahit Isang Saglit
  • Pangako
  • Pangarap Na Bituin
  • Pagdating Ng Panahon
  • Kailangan Kita
  • Hanggang Sa Dulo Ng Walang Hanggan
  • Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw
  • Iduyan Mo - music and lyrics by Ryan Cayabyab, from the movie "Agila" (1980)
  • Hanggang Ngayon
  • Tanging Yaman
  • Sinasamba Kita
  • Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin
  • Gaano Kadalas Ang Minsan
  • Paraisong Parisukat - music and lyrics by Ryan Cayabyab, from the movie "Masikip, Maluwang...Paraisong Parisukat" (1977)


Latin jazz pieces (mostly instrumentals) written, arranged, and produced by Ryan Cayabyab. Recorded live on August 2006 and released December of that year. Under Sony-BMG Pilipinas.

  • First Glance
  • Feels Like This Love Affair Is Gonna Last Forever
  • Frap For Two On A Beach In Cebu
  • Photographs Of You And Me, Together
  • Like Children Dancing In The Rain With Nothing On
  • Alone, Drenched In The Red, Orange and Gold Of A Manila Sunset
  • Grey Clouds! Grey Clouds! Its Beginning To Drizzle
  • Its Getting More Difficult To Explain Why I Do Things The Way That I Do
  • Almost Sunup And I Haven’t Slept
  • Last Trip To Boracay
  • This Is Beginning To Sound Like An Old Song
  • It Isn't The First Time Someone Left Me
  • Letting Go
  • Last Look


Features old Filipino classics and some of Cayabyab's earliest hits, performed a capella by Ryan Cayabyab's 16 voices.

  • Bakya Mo Neneng
  • Mamang Kutsero
  • Hindi Kita Malimot
  • Saan Ka Man Naroroon
  • Tsismis
  • Dahil Sa Iyo
  • Limandipang Tao
  • Minamahal, Sinasamba
  • Maalaala Mo Kaya
  • Kay Ganda ng Ating Musika


A collection of classic Filipino Christmas songs, including original compositions performed a cappella by Cayabyab.

  • Heto Na Naman - music and lyrics by Ryan Cayabyab
  • Miss Kita Kung Christmas
  • Kumukutikutitap - from Ryan Cayabyab and Jose Javier Reyes's musical Bituin; lyrics by Reyes
  • Ang Aking Pamasko
  • Anong Gagawin Mo Ngayong Pasko - music and lyrics by Ryan Cayabyab
  • Ang Pasko ay Sumapit
  • Noche Buena
  • Pasko Na Sinta Ko
  • Himig Pasko
  • Payapang Daigdig


All songs composed, arranged, and performed a capella by Cayabyab.

  • Da Coconut Nut
  • Sa May Bintana
  • Paraiso
  • Nais Ko
  • Kahit Ika'y Panaginip Lang
  • Kailan
  • Awit ni Isagani - lyrics by Jovy Miroy
  • Mama
  • Paraisong Parisukat
  • Hideaway


Ryan Cayabyab's first album, featuring jazz arrangements of well-known Filipino tunes.
Sitsiritsit Alibangbang
Itik Itik
Ang Pipit
Pen Pen Di Sarapen
Manilac Lay Labi
Leron Leron Sinta


A collection of Ryan Cayabyab's hits throughout the years, performed by various well-known Filipino artists.

  • Limandipang Tao (Lea Salonga)
  • Araw Gabi (The Company)
  • Tunay na Ligaya (Ariel Rivera)
  • Iduyan Mo (Grace Nono)
  • Magbalik ka na Mahal (Kuh Ledesma)
  • Minsan ang Minahal ay Ako (Celeste Legaspi)
  • Once Upon a Life (Jay Cayuca, on the violin)
  • Mamang Kutsero (Apo Hiking Society)
  • Paraiso (Lea Salonga)
  • Kahit Ika'y Panaginip Lang (Agot Isidro)
  • Tuwing Umuulan at Kapiling Ka (The Eraserheads)
  • Nais Ko (Francis Magalona)
  • Sometime, Somewhere (Cocoy Laurel)
  • Kailan (Cayabyab's friends)

Future Albums

Other music albums are said to be in the pipeline, like:

A compilation of popular folk songs representative of different regions in the Philippines; e.g., "Atin Cu Pung Singsing," "Usahay, "Ay, Kalisud," and "Sarungbanggi." A compilation of popular novelty songs including "Ocho-ocho," "Pito-pito," and possibly "Boom Tarat-Tarat," all to be performed in symphonic style.