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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Richard Gutierrez

Richard Gutierrez (born January 21, 1984 in Beverly Hills, California) is a Filipino film and television actor. In 2006, he was chosen to play the role of Captain Barbell. This superhero-action fantasy series aired in the Philippines via GMA Network, his mother station. Captain Barbell became the no. 1 primetime TV show in the nation, giving him an icon status. His new TV series based on a Japanese anime/French legend, Lupin, premiered on April 9, 2007.


Gutierrez lay low in showbiz while trying to finish his studies. After the rest, he went back into show business, and was paired with Chynna Ortaleza in different TV and movie projects. His team-up with Angel Locsin in the hit TV Series Mulawin catapulted both stars, Mulawin was followed by the movie "Let the love begin" that earned 100 million Pesos in the box office, followed by another blockbuster hit the following year with "I Will Always Love You." Also, he is currently doing another major performance in Captain Barbell as the title character. His latest Valentines flick co-starring with Angel Locsin was a huge success and was reported to be the Philippine's third highest-grossing of all time.

He also starred in Sigaw (2004), who is now being remade in Hollywood with the title "The Echo" and he got rave reviews from international critics for his unbelieveable performance in the movie. Angel Locsin was also in the movie.

Aside from his acting and modeling, Richard is also busy with his hobbies. His interest in cars bore fruit in his latest venture, Events Management. He also established his own independent record label called ICED OUT PRODUCTIONS, mainly dedicated to promoting the hip-hop/urban lifestyle and music.

Gutierrez has recently been dubbed by the media as "The Super Idol of the Philippine Cinema" due to his appeal and success.


Gutierrez is the son of former Philippine cinema matinee idol Eddie Gutiérrez and former actress turned talent manager Annabelle Rama. His sister, Ruffa Gutiérrez, is a former actress and a beauty queen (Miss World Second Princess). Gutierrez has acted alongside his half-brother Ton-ton Gutiérrez, one of the favorite leading men for many known and popular actresses in showbiz. Gutierrez's other half-brother Ramon Christopher starred with him in Sugo. He started as a child actor alongside his twin brother Raymond Gutierrez has worked in many movies with his famous father, and their brothers.