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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mike Enriquez

Miguel Castro Enríquez (born September 29, 1951 in Santa Ana, Manila) is a popular radio and television newscaster in the Philippines. He is also the Senior Vice-President for radio of GMA Network, and president of the network's regional and radio subsidiary, RGMA Network Inc.


He started his career in broadcasting as a staff announcer at the Manila Broadcasting Company in 1969. It began when he visited a friend in that company and accidentally discovered his interest in radio. He has since worked in various positions, as a broadcast reporter, a news editor, program director, station manager, until he became manager of a medium sized radio network. He also had stints in other radio networks such as Freedom Broadcasting Radio Network and Radio Mindanao Network (RMN), where he became vice president for the company. He is the voice behind the MELLOW TOUCH 94.7 signature and introduction.

He joined GMA Network in 1995, where he had his television break as one of the news anchors of the network's early evening newscast, Saksi; then he was transferred to the network's late-evening newscast, GMA Network News in 1999 and went back to Saksi after a few months. He left Saksi in March 2004 to host the network's new early-evening newscast together with Mel Tiangco, 24 Oras.

He also hosts an investigative show, Imbestigador, Review Philippines, a television program aired on GMA Pinoy TV and Q and a radio program on the network's flagship radio station, DZBB entitled Saksi sa Dobol B, which airs every weekday mornings.

He has been named as one of the most child-friendly personalities by the Southeast Asian Foundation for Children and thrice consecutively by the Anak TV Seal awards.

Personal Life:

Enriquez is the eldest of three children. He uses the term "destructive to a certain extent" to describe his curiosity-filled, active childhood. He had always been very active in church, and used to be as an altar boy with an ambition to be a Franciscan priest. However, his parents refused to sign a consent sheet that would allow him to stay at the seminary until he became a priest.

Instead he was enrolled at the De La Salle College, taking up AB Liberal Arts in Commerce. Enriquez finished his degree in 1973 and now teaches in Broadcast Management. He is currently a member of the Board of Trustees of La Salle Green Hills and act as the Treasurer and Chairman of its Finance Committee.

Mike has been married to Lizabeth "Baby" Yumping for twenty-nine years, but they have no children.

He has battled illnesses such as diabetes, asthma and hypertension.


  • During his career as a disc jockey, he was known as "Baby Mike".
  • Mike Enriquez appeared on Andrew E's 1991 movie, Mahirap ang Maging Pogi(It's Not Easy Being Handsome), as a disc jockey.


Year 1999 Awards:

  • Best Male Newscaster - Golden Dove Awards (KBP)
  • Ka Doroy Valencia Broadcaster of the Year - Golden Dove Awards (KBP)
  • Best Male Newscaster – Star Awards For Television (Philippine Movie Press Club)
  • Best Newscaster - Asian Television Awards (He is the only Filipino to win the said award)

Year 2000 Awards:

  • Best Male Newscaster – Star Awards For Television (Philippine Movie Press Club)
  • Best Newscaster For Television – Golden Dove Awards (Kapisanan Ng Mga Brodkaster Sa Pilipinas)
  • Best Public Affairs Host for Radio – Golden Dove Awards (KBP)
  • Finalist (The only one from the Philippines) – Best News Presentor – Asian Television Awards on December 2000 in Singapore. He won the same award in 1999.

Year 2001 Award:

  • Best Public Service Program Host for “Imbestigador” – Star Awards For Television (Philippine Movie Press Club)
  • Year 2002 Awards:

    • Best TV Newscaster Metro Manila – Golden Dove Awards (KBP)
    • Best Public Affairs Program Host – Radio Metro Manila - Golden Dove Awards (KBP)
    • Best News Commentary - Radio - “Saksi Sa Dobol B” - Catholic Mass Media Awards.

    Year 2003 Award:

    Best Newscaster Award – Consumers Union Of The Philippines 14th Annual National Consumers Award.

    Year 2004 Awards:

    • Outstanding Television Host – Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption
    • Outstanding Radio and Television Commentator – Consumers Union of the Philippines 15th Annual National Consumers Awards.
    • Anak TV-Seal awardee.
    • Ranked number eighty (80) Biznews Asia's 100 Most Influential Filipinos.

    Year 2005 Awards:

    • Anak TV-Seal awardee.
    • Ranked number eighty-eight (88) Biznews Asia's 100 Most Influential Filipinos.

    Year 2006 Awards:

    • Best Male Newscaster - USTV awards (University of Santo Tomas).
    • Best Public Affairs Host - PMPC Star Awards for Television.
    • Anak TV seal Awardee.
    • Ranked number fifty-four (54) Biznews Asia's 100 Most Influential Filipinos.

    Year 2007 Awards:

    2007 Most Outstanding Male News Presenter of the Year by COMGUILD Center for Journalism