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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Prescillano Zamora

Prescillano Zamora is best known for his research in plant anatomy-morphology and pteridophyte biology, including the taxonomy of Philippine ferns and the discovery of more fern species.

He has been a supporter of the conservation of the environment in the Phillipines and a supporter of natural resources policy research.


* B.S. Agriculture from University of the Philippines, 1960
* M.S. Agronomy from University of the Philippines, 1964
* Ph.D. Holiculture from Rutgers, 1966


* Rockefeller Foundation fellow at Cornell University (1961-65)
* NSF Research grantee (1962-65)
* UP Professorial Chair holder (1977-80)

Two-Phase Wall Deposition Concept:

Prescillano Zamora's research on the xylem elements of vascular plants led to the formulation of the two-phase wall deposition concept.