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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lito Camo

Lito Camo is a Filipino songwriter known for his commercially-successful novelty songs, which are mostly made up of catchy melodies interspersed with witty lyricisms. Notable compositions include "Ms Flawless", "Ye Ye Vonnel", "Sumunod Sa Galaw ng Ilaw(Gamo-gamo)", "Spageti Song", "Bulaklak", "In or Out" and "Otso-Otso".

He has received criticism for not taking songwriting seriously and being low-class and uncouth. He claims "Sometimes, my friends would tease me saying that while they put a lot of hard work into their compositions, it’s my ‘nonsense’ songs that become hits".


Before songwriting, Lito Camo was a family diver and domestic helper.

In 1997, he released his debut album entitled Sino Camo Baduy?, ayos ka ah!, featuring the hit song Kung Ikaw, and the follow-up single "Hey Babe". However, his follow-up album, Ano Camo?,leche ka ah!, sold poorly. Following this, he wrote jingles for commercials and television shows.

He had a breakthrough hit in 2001 with the song Bakit Papa, tawag mo ako?, and was credited for ushering in the novelty genre in the country's music industry. This was followed by the release of the novelty song Otso-Otso.

He has released a solo album titled Ako Naman, Kanina Kapa Eh.

He also wrote songs for Manny Pacquiao.


* ADoo Doo Doo Ada dada ahhaahhaa
* Alog Alog
* Bakit Papa, tawag mo ako?
* Boom Tarat Tarat
* Boom Tarat Tarat (Christmas Version, Halloween Version)
* Scent of Borat
* Bulaklak
* Ms. Flawless
* Puppy Mo Ako
* Spaghetti Song
* Sumunod Sa Galaw ng Ilaw
* Totoy Bebot
* Otso-otso
* Wowowee
* Ye Ye Vonnel
* Don't Matter
* Bartender
* Girlfriend
* Elevator
* I Kissed A Girl
* Sulutera
* Buhay ng Gangsta